What are the real issues behind Poor Performance?

productivityAfter a not-so-successful day at home or work, did you ever find yourself asking:

• Why is my team performing so badly?

• Why is my child having trouble at school?

• Why am I not performing up to my own expectations?

Poor Performance is not such a difficult problem if you know how to identify the real issues behind it. Let me share something I’ve learned.

When you encounter Poor Performance, there are only three simple questions that need to be answered:

1. Was I, he, she clear in what should be done?

2. Was I, he, she capable in doing it?

3. Was I, he, she motivated to do it?

As a leader, manager, coach, or parent, you should ask yourself these three simple questions, and you should discuss them with the person(s) in question.

It is your responsibility to support, coach and help your team, your child, and/or yourself to create success and perform better.

Your thoughts?

Brenda Schäfer is a Results Consultant for Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.

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