Are You Sure You Don’t De-Motivate Your Team?

The other day my physiotherapist was talking about the professional football players he’s treating. He was totally shocked by the fact that these young men, at the beginning of a promising career, seem to lack the motivation to give their best and go the extra mile.

My initial reaction was to be indignant…how dare they? They earn a six-figure income (or more), they live every boy’s dream, and they still don’t give their best for the sake of their team and the club?

This conversation stuck with me and after giving it some thought I realised that we often know what motivates our teams, but we don’t always know what sinks the ship.

Here are my Top De-Motivators and how to avoid them:

  1. Lack of clarity and capability
    Make sure your team is clear about your expectations. Always give a rationale for specific tasks and/or behaviours. Help your team members build skills to increase their capability.
  2. Not enough inspiration
    Be a role model – walk the talk! You set high expectations and at the same time you need to encourage your team to accomplish their dream within their capability. Deal with fears honestly and establish trust with your team.
  3. Too much lip service; not enough “walking the talk”
    Bring a personal level of passion into the business environment – be sincere, credible, and persuasive in your encouragement of team members. And it doesn’t hurt to get your hands dirty.
  4. Lack of appropriate attitude
    Always put on your “game face” and mentally prepare yourself and your team members for the “game”. And remember, you should always act as you must, not as you feel!

So don’t let your team’s ship sink!

Your thoughts?

Claudia Irmer is a Results Consultant for Cohen Brown Management (Europe) Ltd.

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