What’s So Different About You?

twinsYou are on an airplane, in an elevator, on the golf course, or at a community event. You introduce yourself…and you mention your employer. The person you’re speaking with says, “I understand you have several competitors. What’s so different about your organization?”

Do you confidently provide a brief and compelling response?


Do you hesitate slightly, unsure of precisely what to say?

We don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression. If you aren’t sure you could respond effectively, it’s time to create your Differentiation Rap:

  • Jot down points about what differentiates you and your organization from the competition, then circle the points you believe are the strongest.
  • Integrate your strongest points into a first-person written response to the question, “What’s so different about you and your organization?”
  • Incorporate a few facts and examples to provide proof for your claims to be different and better.
  • Edit your Rap to make it so crisp that you could deliver it in 60 seconds or less.
  • State your Rap aloud to ensure you can deliver it in less than a minute and that it sounds as compelling and natural as you desire.
  • Try your Rap out on colleagues and friends. Solicit their candid feedback and refine it until it creates a WOW response in your own mind and theirs!
  • Congratulations, you are now 10% done!
  • Go the other 90% of the way to greatness by using your Differentiation Rap at every opportunity. You will find yourself integrating all or parts of it into your verbal and written communication.

Good Job! Next time we speak, I look forward to you piquing my interest with your Differentiation Rap!

Your thoughts?

Julie Freeman is Regional Director for Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.

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