Do You Really Care?

“You’re the absolute greatest asset of our company. You were carefully selected. We’ve invested in your training and success, and we really care about you. You, dear employees, are the key to differentiating us.”

Have you heard this speech, perhaps delivered by your CEO at your annual employee meeting or stated from the heart by your boss?

But how do you know they REALLY care?

Follow-up. That’s the answer in a nutshell. Follow-up is where the speech from the annual meeting meets the reality of the daily responsibilities.

Does your boss say nice things about you, give you goals and share the plans to achieve them and, then, send you off on your own? (Hmmm…not quite sure they care.)

Or does he or she also follow up with you frequently to find out how you are doing in achieving your goals and provide value-added advice to help you maximize your performance? (Yes, they care.)

If you are the boss, your follow-up has a huge impact on what your team members perceive regarding how much you really care.

Your thoughts?

Julie Freeman is Regional Director for Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.

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