Stun Them!

Recently, while I was standing in a long line at the bank to purchase gift cards, a woman turned to me and said, “I cannot imagine doing my banking over my cell phone!” She was looking at the marketing poster positioned very properly at a turn in the waiting line. “Can you?” she asked me.

I said, “Actually, yes I can. I use mobile banking and love it!” She appeared shocked. Well, she asked me! So I went on:

“I’m the type of person who loves to scan her mobile for a cup of coffee. So, the convenience of using my phone to check my balance or to see if checks have cleared is perfect.” She stared at me, but I didn’t stop. “Last week, I was traveling and obviously made an error in my checkbook, so I transferred funds from my savings to checking on the phone. That saved me both money and embarrassment. So, yes, I love, love, love mobile banking. You need to download the app.” She didn’t know what to say but did get out an “oh” before I was called to the teller window.

The point I’m driving at is…on a dime, you need to be able to articulate the benefits of any one of your products and services and do it with passion.

Your thoughts?

Cynthia Whitmer Griffith is a Performance Results Network Results Consultant for Community Banks and Credit Unions at Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.

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