Above and Beyond

exit signI would like to tell you about one of the best service experiences I received in recent memory.  It occurred at my grocery store where I had purchased five greeting cards.  The cards were nowhere to be found when I got home, so I called the store and spoke with the lead bagger.  He checked the counter and asked the cashier, but still, they were nowhere to be found.  He said that if I could fax the receipt to him, he would refund the amount to me so that my son could pick it up within the hour.  Not only did the bagger refund the money, but he gave me all the same cards as well.  He had picked all the cards using the item numbers on my receipt.

This man came to an easy and quick resolution which he communicated clearly with me, delivered on time and went above my expectations.

Think about the best service you’ve received and what made it exceptional.  Now, how do you emulate those same behaviors within your team and yourself?

I would love to hear your story.

Cynthia Whitmer Griffith currently serves as Performance Results Network Results Consultant for Community Banks and Credit Unions at Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.

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