What A Year It Has Been!

success 2What a year it has been!  How did it go for you?  Did your year-end results match your year-opening resolutions?  Did you discover new challenges?  New solutions?  At Cohen Brown, we are all about results – helping our clients improve their business results through leadership advances and better performance of their sales and service teams.

All year long, our Results Consultants posted fresh, interesting and sometimes humorous blogs on those subjects.  We thought you would enjoy a second look at the Top Ten – those that garnered the most readers.  Enjoy them as you plan for your own success in 2014.

They Dress Up for Work Now

Your Service is Great. But, Do You Want My Business

Don’t Interrupt Me When I’m Interrupting You

Five Traits of Top-Performing Contact Centers

Motivation: Sometimes One Sentence Is Enough…

Why Do Human Beings Need New ‘Tools’?

Are Your People Robots or People?

Overcoming Obstacles to Behavioral Embedding

The Peaks and Valley Nightmare

You’ve Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do!

High hopes for performance and results in 2014.


Cohen Brown


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