Shhhh…I’m trying to hear myself think

Time Bandit Solution

I am a social being.

I much prefer to work in a team than be a one-person show, even if it means sharing the credit with others. I much prefer brainstorming with others than alone, just me and my own psyche! Mostly, that is what I feel life is all about…people sharing ideas, generating new ventures together, experiencing both challenges and success together.

So, then why is it despite my set of beliefs and core values and my social nature, that at times if I don’t pull myself out and provide myself and my psyche some solitude, some space, that I literally feel ill? Sometimes I just have to pull myself away from external stimuli in order to prevent and decrease internal chaos. As Billy Holiday sings, I have to be ‘In my Solitude’ (which, if you don’t know it, is a beautiful but melancholy tune).

But in this fast-paced, technologically heavy world, where if you can’t be reached in person, you will be reached by phone, requested to do a video chat, receive automatic texts, instant chat, etc. etc., what is truly melancholic in my view is not having some form of ‘Quiet Time’ to detox your brain and still your mind!

Most of us know in our gut that in order to generate a new vision, and new and inspiring ideas, you need to find the calm within.

You need to be able to find the space and time to hear yourself think.

You need to go through some sort of ‘mental hygiene’ process and make time for some Quiet Time, de-stress, anything that suits you best, as long as it removes you even for a few regular minutes per week from the chaos.

Neda Bayat is Global Business Consultant for Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc. and Breakthrough PerformanceTech, LLC.

I enjoyed reading Mr. Edward Brown’s The Time Bandit Solution because the chapter on Quiet Time and the topic of Mental Hygiene really spoke to me, and confirmed what I knew to be true all along.

Now, I need to implement the rest of the techniques Mr. Brown has taught me to ‘create the time’ to ‘hear myself think!’

Time Bandit Solution dust-cover-2

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One response to “Shhhh…I’m trying to hear myself think

  1. Great info Mr. Brown! I have an hour commute to and from work. I seem to find this a perfect time for me to organize my day ahead of me and to prioritize all tasks for the following day when I drive home. Of course life is not so organized, so I leave “bumper-time” between tasks for the unexpected. When I worked for you and Dr. Cohen, I learned that. “Anxiety is the result of an unprepared mind.” I cannot stress how much that has helped over they years. I prepared as much as I can – the rest, I pray to God He will instruct me. 🙂 Thank You!

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