What Type of Person Are You?

Personality type

I am a Type C person. I hear you thinking, “What is a Type C person?” Well, let me explain the three personality types as they relate to time and workflow management.

Type As believe there’s never enough time to meet deadlines.
Type Bs believe there’s always enough time to meet deadlines.
Type Cs believe there’s never enough time to achieve quality-control perfection.

So I am a Type C person. That was my conclusion last Thursday when I was preparing myself for a very important business meeting.

My day started very early, around 6 a.m., since I couldn’t sleep very well during the night. I woke up sweating and with a feeling of panic. I had a deadline, and there were lot of things I still needed to do.

As I worked, I asked myself, why do I always panic at times like this? I really wanted to understand myself better, so I started by creating awareness about what kind of person I am using the following questions:

“When are you satisfied with your performance?”      
“Do you accept less than absolute perfection?”              
“How are you organised?”                                                      
“What is the level of quality control you want to achieve?”

My answers were really illuminating, and I realized I am a perfectionist and I need to do something about my stress level.

I spoke with my husband (who is Type B), and he told me that my behaviour also affected him, making him become stressed, almost like a secondhand smoker.

We decided to address the problem by doing some relaxation exercises together every day. I must say that this has really helped me to sleep better and not panic all the time.

So what personality type are you and how are you managing your stress?

Brenda Schäfer is a Results Consultant with the Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc. covering the territory of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


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