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10568945_791878464176925_2505965850041663478_nDoing good is something credit unions take seriously, locally and globally.  This cooperative spirit of people helping people has led to life-changing opportunities in the form of small business start-ups, home ownership and education.

Today, October 16, credit unions around the world are united behind the message of “Local Service. Global Good.™” for International Credit Union (ICU) Day. Share in this powerful credit union vision and celebrate with more than 200 million people worldwide.  Get more information (click).


CB Tips:  Batch Processing – A Quick Lesson in Productivity

Five ducklingstips, cohen brownThe term Batch Processing originated in the days when users entered programs on bunches of punch cards then handed them to a system operator who would feed them into a computer, thereby executing a series of non-interactive jobs all at one time.

Today, the term Batch Processing has slightly evolved and is used as a human time management technique whereby similar tasks such as writing reports or processing email, are performed as a group, rather than being performed randomly as they occur.

Think about your own to do list.  How many items can be completed as a group rather than wasting time switching from one task to the next to the next all day long, interrupting your focused thought and task flow?

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Tommy Wants-to-Please: Here, there and everywhere…

tommywtictocclockSome think of Tommy as a little co-dependent – too, too responsive; too, too anxious to please everybody, anywhere, at the same time, always.  If you ask Tommy, however, he simply has just too, too much to do and just doesn’t have enought time to do it in.

jpegSeems like there’s a little bit of Tommy in all of us, don’t you think?

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