Brenda Schäfer

Brenda SchaferBrenda Schäfer is a Results Consultant with the Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc. covering the territory of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Brenda has continually brought her vast practical financial services training and management and coaching experience to bear in proving herself to be an essential resource in improving the behavioral embedding of best practices for Cohen Brown’s clients.

Brenda completed advanced studies in economics in the Netherlands, and added English and German to the list of languages she speaks fluently alongside her native Dutch. Her continuing training with the Dutch Institute for Banking, Insurance and Investments included banking skills such as private credit funds, consumer lending, mortgage and investments. In 2004 Brenda was certified by the Association for Coaching in “The power of coaching.” In 2005 she was certified by the Haagse Hogeschool for Coaching and Consultancy in personal (management) coaching, team coaching and team development. Prior to joining Cohen Brown, Brenda’s financial services career began within ABN AMRO Bank N.V. in the Netherlands, where she worked her way up to the roles of advisor, branch manager, manager services, branch coach and sales coach. Brenda successfully implemented and embedded a leadership and sales & service process and trained, coached and consulted managers and front-line salespeople within ABN AMRO Bank N.V. nationwide.


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