Claudia Irmer

Claudia Irmer’s financial services career began more than 20 years ago working in the M&A Department of JP Morgan in Frankfurt, Germany, before she joined Deutsche Bank AG in Berlin for more than a dozen years.

At Deutsche Bank, Claudia worked in a number of different roles in the sales and sales support area, both as a client advisor and in different line management functions. Additionally, she joined the build-up team of Deutsche Bank’s nationwide Sales and Consulting Unit, using call center infrastructure for high-net-worth individuals.

Concurrently with her management experience, Claudia continued furthering the education she began at the University for Applied Economics in Hannover, Germany, receiving her diploma in 1987. Claudia completed advanced studies in economics and added English and French to the list of languages she speaks fluently alongside her native German.

Claudia joined the Cohen Brown Management Group as a Senior Results Consultant in 2004. She has continually brought her vast practical financial services training and management experience to bear in proving herself to be an essential resource in improving the behavioral embedding of best practices for Cohen Brown’s European clients. Within the European Team, Claudia covers continental Europe and Russia.



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