James W. Bywater

James BywaterJames W. Bywater is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Consulting Solutions for Cohen Brown Management Group. Jim is responsible for managing the global sales and delivery of the company’s sales-and-service performance solutions. In addition to working with top executives from clients around the world, he also manages Cohen Brown’s Results Consultants and Regional Directors to ensure that clients achieve and sustain peak performance through solutions that are targeted to their needs. His areas of consulting specialization include Retail Banking, Small Business, and Wealth Management, and he has extensive experience in coaching senior executives to lead their teams to maximum results. Prior to joining Cohen Brown, Jim spent 10 years at First Interstate Bank of California, where he served in a range of line and managerial positions and “walked in the shoes” of Cohen Brown’s clients. In his leadership roles at the bank, he led his branches, areas, and districts to become the bank’s top performers. Jim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, specializing in Business Administration, from the University of California, Los Angeles.


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