Johanna Lubahn

Johanna LubahnJohanna Lubahn, Managing Director of Cohen Brown’s Call Center Services, is responsible for helping clients achieve greater sales and service results in their Call Centers. She has also been involved in the development of a “clip-on sales presentation” layer for CRM applications. This sales presentation layer follows the Cohen Brown sales processes for call center, retail banking, private banking and business banking units.

Previously, Johanna managed National Australia Bank’s CallCenter operations in Australia and New Zealand as the Head of Telephony, Asia/Pacific. During her tenure, sales increased 400 percent, employee satisfaction rates rose dramatically, and staff attrition was significantly reduced. Prior to that assignment, Johanna served as Director of Telephone Banking at Michigan National Bank, where she led the creation of a “bank-within-a-bank” profit center in the CallCenter that eventually generated 50 percent of the bank’s retail sales. Much of this success was directly attributed to the use of Cohen Brown training programs, methodologies and tools.

Johanna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management & Organizational Development from SpringArborUniversity (Michigan) and a Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking from the University of Wisconsin.


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