Neda Bayat

Neda BayatNeda Bayat is Global Business Consultant for Cohen Brown Management Group and Breakthrough PerformanceTech. In the 10 years she has worked at Cohen Brown, Neda has done everything from analyzing and communicating industry research to the Results Consultants in the US to Project Management, Content Development work, and Consulting in the UK for the EMEA region. She has worked directly under Dr. Martin Cohen, CEO of Cohen Brown, at their associate company, Breakthrough PerformanceTech (BPT), supporting the creation of BPT’s breakthrough performance methodology known as Performance Drilling®. Neda previously worked within the UK banking industry in retail banking, which has helped her understand Cohen Brown’s end users’ needs more effectively. Prior to that, she graduated as a finalist Director in University of California Santa Barbara’s Theatre Arts program, which helped her to understand what it means to have a Vision and communicate that to a Team in order to achieve a common goal while exercising her creative passions. She continued her studies in the UK by taking Business Foundation Units. Neda’s time spent in the US and Europe as a whole has broadened her cultural sensitivity, allowing her to better customize her services to meet the needs of Global Clients and Prospects.



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