IMG_20140805_102602039_HDR.jpgDistractable Me: How to get more done in an interruption culture

40 to 60 percent of a worker’s time isn’t a complete waste.  And most of the interruptions are for business functions like answering the phone, talking to clients or customers, reading email as it comes in.  The problem is that we have become interruption addicts.  Business Record…read more.


imageThis 2-Minute Trick Will Boost Your Productivity

Even the most organized to-do lists can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.  All you have to do is differentiate between what’s most important.  Business Insiderread more

canstockphoto10416071The high cost of the interruption culture and how to stop paying it 

When people talk about “the interruption culture” in today’s workplace, they often sound resigned to it – as though it can’t be changed and therefore must be tolerated.  They are wrong.  Smart Businessread more

iStock_000016699925XSmall_0If All Productivity Improvements Must Come from Technology, What Are Managers For?
“The Employee of the Month Has a Battery?” CEO Magazineread more
Ed-Brown-200x180Five Tips for Avoiding Oprah’s Regret

canstockphoto2685626Time Locking for Interruption Management 

To improve efficiency, bank managers should focus on teaching employees how to regain the 40% to 60% of their time they lose to interruptions…BAI Banking Strategiesread more

shutterstock_119131291Interruptions in the Workplace Cost Productivity

“You don’t just give up a minute,” said Los Angeles business consultant Edward G. Brown, who’s publishing a book on recovering stolen time…NewsOK… read more

clock squareGot a Minute? 3 Little Words That Kill Productivity

A constant stream of interruptions all day long can make it hard to get actual work done. But it’s possible to take your time back…CNN Moneyread more

TB square3 Steps to Recovering Your Stolen Time: Confront Your Time Bandits

If somebody stole your wallet and returned it with the cash missing, you’d notice it. So why don’t people notice when they’re robbed of something much more valuable: their precious, fleeting, unrenewable time?…Entrepreneur Magazineread more 


Cohen Brown Management Group Named Top 2014 Sales Training Company To Watch by TrainingIndustry.comread more


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