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It Is Time to Talk About Personal Branding

And no, I am not talking about the type of tattoo I live in fear that my teenage son may come home sporting one day! I’m talking about your Personal Brand with customers.

Consumer trust in banks is at an all-time low. That fact, combined with the onslaught on banks by the media and social networks over the last year or so, has left front-line bankers feeling battered and bruised by upset and frustrated customers. That’s why I’m convinced it is now more important than ever for front-line bankers to develop their own Personal Brand.

While customers may be upset with the bank, they are not necessarily upset with the banker as an individual. This is where the banker’s Personal Brand comes into play. How do they handle the situation? What does the banker as an individual stand for in terms of helping customers? How do they demonstrate caring?

Bankers who have a Personal Brand and are able to deliver to sometimes angry and frustrated customers have a better chance at overcoming the cynicism and skepticism in today’s market. Remember, customers do not necessarily bank with the name over the door. They bank with the people inside the door.

Your thoughts?

James W. Bywater is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Consulting Solutions for Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.