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Businesses Strive for Lean and Continuous Improvement

Cohen Brown President and Co-Chairman, Edward G. Brown and Independent Publisher, Jim Barnes.

Cohen Brown President and Co-Chairman, Edward G. Brown, and Independent Publisher, Jim Barnes.

The Axiom Business Book Awards are the most respected critical guidepost for business books in the publishing industry. These prestigious and competitive awards are presented in 21 categories and serve as the premier forum to help readers discover new and innovative works. Axiom Award-winning books will help them to understand changing trends and technologies affecting the business world and to recognize opportunities in our complicated new economy.

When Cohen Brown Management Group’s president and co-chairman, Edward G. Brown, learned he was the recipient of an Axiom Award for his book, The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had, he was thrilled. The book won in the category of Operations Management, Lean, and Continuous Improvement. The perfect category for a man who, for more than 36 years, has trained and consulted Fortune 500 companies on behavior and culture change. The Time Bandit Solution provides the definitive “how to” for time management. It’s not just a day planner but rather contains specific tools and techniques to assist corporations and individuals who want to learn how to stop unwanted interruptions and gain back their time. The Time Bandit Solution teaches how to put an end to interruptions and maximize the resulting time surplus.

Finding Quiet Time

 by Cynthia Whitmer Griffith

quiet time 2 I remember outdoor recess at elementary school I played as hard as I could during that 20 minutes and, as I looked around, everyone had red cheeks as we lined up to come back to the classroom. My third grade teacher would say, “Now, I would like everyone to lay your head on your desk for  two minutes.”  What was she up to…was she grading our math test, writing a letter to a parent or was she popping a candy in her mouth?  No, she was allowing us to clear our minds, finding focus for the remainder of the school day. relaxation

Success Magazine points out “Why you need to create quiet time in your life?” is a key learning in  The Time Bandit Solution authored by Edward G. Brown, President, Co-Chairman & Co-Founder at Cohen Brown Management Group. Time locking is a technique that “can bring focus and even joy or at least serenity to what would otherwise have felt like pressure and drudgery. “  You can read more about time locking and other techniques in this link to the Success Magazine book summary of The Time Bandit Solution.

How do you find your quiet time? booksmcover

Read The Time Bandit Solution book summary by clicking the link :  http://ow.ly/Af6xZ